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Triol AT27 Energy Drive

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inverter, vfd, industrial automation, variable frequency drive, variable speed drive, vfd motor control

Distinctive benefits

-10 ºС…+50 ºС

Operating temperature maximum range

NEMA2 (IP31)



Color touchpad

≥ 0.96

High power factor

Induction and Permanent Magnet motor

Output voltage and current sinusoidal

Wi-Fi Wizard

Operating in unstable mains

About product

Wide range of industrial applications

Medium-voltage Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT27 line ED is a reliable and ergonomic solution for a wide range of industrial applications. The versatility and compactness of AT27 ED enclosures make it easy to integrate them into the process.

Minimal maintenance requirements

Ergonomic design, high reliability, and minimal maintenance requirements make AT27 ED easy and convenient to use.

Increased efficiency

Control of the fans rotation speed depending on transformer and power cells temperature significantly increases the efficiency and reduces noise level in the electrical room.

Integrated Wi-Fi module

Integrated Wi-Fi module allows carrying out diagnostics and setting of AT27 line ED for a quick start in 20 simple clicks.

Complete safety

Easily removable air filters allow cleaning without stopping AT27 ED in complete safety for maintenance personnel.

Wide range of options

A wide range of options significantly expands the possibilities for application and increase reliability.



جهد الإدخال كيلو فولت

3; 3.3; 4.16; 6; 6.3; 6.6; 10; 11 (-15 % ...+10 %)

-45 مستمر مع حد الطاقة

-100% لا تقل عن 100 مللي بالثانية مع وضع المولد المتحكم في للمحرك

تردد الادخال هيرتز

50 / 60 (-10 %...+10 %)

الطاقة كيلو واط

3 / 3.3 kV

4.16 kV

6 / 6.3 / 6.6 kV

10 / 11 kV

من 160 كيلو واط الى 3000 كيلو واط

من160 كيلو واط الى 3500 كيلو واط

من 200كيلو واط الى 5000 كيلو واط

من 320 كيلو واط الى 8000 كيلو واط

عامل الطاقة


% تيار الادخال

< 5

نبضات المعدل

18; 24; 30; 36; 48; 54

يعتمد على عدد الخلايا في كل مرحلة

الحماية من الجهد الزائد

مانعات تصاعد


جهد الانتاج المقدّر كيلو واط

3.3; 4.16, 6; 6,6; 10; 11

تردد الانتاج هيرتيز

from 0.5 up to 120

دقة التردد هيرتيز


 التيار الخارج أ


خصائص التيار الزائد

120% من القيمة المقدرة لمدة 120ثانية

150% من القيمة المقدرة ل3 ثواني

% مستوى التشوّه التوافقي للتيار الخارج

< 2

% جهد الانتاج

< 5

قيمة مرشحات الحماية

< 1000 V/μs

<100فولت /ميكرو ثانية

, % الفعالية

≥ 97


Options Description
Copper transformer Copper bus is the material used for transformer windings. Transformer parameters and efficiency are commensurable with the basic type of transformer with windings of aluminum busbars
Mechanical bypass of power cells Bypass of each power cell of the drive is made on the basis of a vacuum chamber, with a response time of not more than 4 msec
IGBT bypass of power cells Bypass of each power cell of the drive made on the basis of IGBT transistors
Additional power cell in each phase For compensating voltage drop on the output sine-filter or reactors (if available) and the long cable line, as well as to ensure operation in the nominal mode in the case of bypassing the cells (with this option)
Increased protection degree Enclosure IP42
Increased operating temperature Maximum operating temperature up to +50 °С
Top cable entry Organization of terminals for entry power and signal cables on top of AT27 VFD
Heating system Build-in option. Minimum operating temperature from minus 10 °С
Redundant cooling fans Additional cooling fans with a check valve system to ensure AT27 operation with rated power if one of them fails
Additional PCB coverage Coating of printed circuit boards with a special varnish to protect against aggressive impurities in the air
Electromagnetic door lock Electromagnetic locks on the doors of the AT27 power compartments provide protection against opening doors when medium voltage is applied
Profibus communication protocol Convertor Modbus-Profibus
CB27 Switch Cabinets External cabinets. Allow you to implement the required one-line diagram
Reactors for transfer of the motor to mains External cabinet. Designed to provide synchronous and shockless transfer of the motor to mains.
Sine-filter External cabinet. Designed to improve the output current and voltage THD, as well as reduce the value of the parameter dV/dt.