Teasier is a specially designed facial recognition software that simplifies your everyday life. TEasier is your reliable personal assistant that is always on your side. You won’t forget or lose your password anymore, because the password is you. All you need is install TEasier on your PC and it’s done! Login to Windows, any social networks, websites, and apps with your unique appearance. Take one glance and you’re logged in! You’re the only one who has access.

Distinctive benefits:

  • No more typing or memorizing passwords;
  • Quick login into your PC, social networks, favorite websites;
  • Compatible with Google Chrome and Opera browsers;
  • Simultaneous work with several apps with one web-camera;
  • Security of personal data from unauthorized users, including the anti-hack system (from hacking with the help of a photo);

There are 2 versions of TEasier software available:

  • TEasier 2.0 – compatible with any camera and Windows system.
  • TEasier 2.2 – compatible with Android on any device. You can easily download it from Google Play Market.