Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT27 MV

Triol AT27 Robust Xform is a block-box drive with a wide range of functionality, designed for the oil and mining industries, metallurgy, building, housing and public utilities, etc. The design greatly simplifies installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment.

  • easily built into technological processes due to advanced control algorithms and functions, such as: ACS Triol "Cascade" system; catch on the fly mode; built-in PID controller; automatic reclosing;
  • provides electromagnetic compatibility with the electric motor and power supply system;
  • provides the construction of power circuit connection according to Customers’ requirements;
  • ensures motor operation with bypass of resonant frequencies;
  • ability to work using backup power system, control and bypass system of power cells;
  • keeps working when the supply voltage drops to 45%.

Parameter Value
Input voltage 6 кV +10%, -15%
Input frequency 50 Hz ± 10 %
Number of input phases 3
Rated internal input voltage 380 V
Rated internal frequency voltage 50 Hz ± 10 %
Operating voltage 3 кV; 3,3 кV; 4,2 кV; 6 кV; 6,6 кV; 10 кV;
11 кV
Efficiency Drive efficiency not less than 98 %,
Transformer efficiency not less than 98 %
Range of output voltage (linear) 50…
Range of change in fundamental harmonic output frequency 1...120 Hz ± 0,1 %
Possible frequency deviation from the set value ± 0,1 %
Number of output phases 3
Overload capacity 120 % in 120 s
150 % in 3 s
200 % in 10 s
Power factor, no less than 0,95
Time between failures, not less than 200000 h
Cooling method Air forced colling
Operating mode permanent
Interface Modbus (Profibus, Ethernet,CAN – optional)
Altitude above the sea level Not more than 1000 m
Climatic conditions -60 до +50 °С
Humidity 80 % at + 25 °С
Enclosure IP43 (IP54 optional)

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