Triol Voltage Compensator KH24 is designed to improve the supply voltage and provides unstoppable voltage supply to eliminate dips in three-phase voltage curves. KH24 has a forceful power part based on IGBT-converters. KH24 range of output voltage is 380V, 480V, 690V.

  • reliable and continuous power supply in case of emergency and abnormal conditions in electrical networks;
  • elimination of phase asymmetry in the standard power mode;
  • voltage maintenance of the on the load for 1 second in the absence of input voltage, which allows guaranteed transfer to the backup power line.

КН24+ purpose Ensuring reliable and unstoppable power supply to consumers
“Standby” mode efficiency, not less than % 99,7
«КН» mode efficiency, not less than % ±10 % 99; ±30 % 98; ±50 % 96.
«UPS» mode efficiency, not less than % 68,2
Supply voltage (linear), V 380,480,690
Supply voltage deviation, %  ±30,±50
Supply voltage absence, с 1, 2, 3
Power frequency, Hz 50, 60
Load power, kW 75, 110, 160,200,250,320,400,500,630, 800
Deviation of maintaining a nominal output voltage, not less than % ±1
Dip time reaction (overload) не более, мs 2
Voltage compensation time to minimum values, not more than, мs 8
Output voltage, V 380,480,690
PWM Frequency, Hz 3
Data exchange for the basic configuration
Physical interface RS485
Communication protocol Modbus RTU; Profibus DP
Overheating, software protection KH24 +  emergency shutdown when the power of semiconductor elements temperature is exceeded, bypass mode is on
Software protection Bypass mode is on when there’s a short circuit on the output
Cooling method Forced air Cooling
Operating conditions
Enclosure IP20
Altitude above sea level, м 1000
Ambient operating temperature, °С  -1 ... +40 (without condensation)
Humidity 80 % when +20 °С

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