Triol AK01 SB

Triol AK01 SB is a simple and effective solution for oil production. VSD provides direct starting of the electric motor. Designed in NEMA enclosure, Triol AK01 SB is the best solution where it is necessary to optimize the process of oil production with aggressive environmental conditions.

  • switching on and switching off the motor with rated load (starting through the contactor);
  • time delay of the engine;
  • Programmable auto-restart at a present time after emergency shutdown;
    Backspin and ground fault protection;
  • continuous operation of the electric motor with a rated current not exceeding the rated current of VSD;
  • local and remote control of the operation modes;
  • motor protection against short-circuit currents and inadmissible overload;
  • motor control from the immersion device (sensor);
  • View and change the protection settings from the control room by software via Downhole Measuring System with RS-485;
  • output of information on the opening of the control station doors via the Downhole Measuring System to the dispatch center;
  • operation of the engine of the pumping unit in "Manual" and "Automatic" modes;
  • measurement of consumed electricity, control of active and reactive energy;
  • deactivation of the motor when the supply voltage fails, if there’s a deviation that results in an unacceptable current overload;
  • switching off the motor when any of the phases is underloaded, with a choice of the minimum phase current, with a delay of the time to trip the protection from 0 to 45 s;
  • selection of the operating mode with automatic periodic switching on and switching off the pump unit defined by time program;
  • monitoring motor current and network voltage;
  • the possibility of setting on-site protection against overload and underload, from exceeding and reducing the voltage of the network.

Voltage, V 480, +10 %, -10 %
Frequency, Hz 50 ... 60
Enclosure NEMA3 – NEMA4X
Operation temperature, ºС -10…+60
Rectification circuit without frequency drive
Analog inputs 2
Digital inputs of arbitrary polarity 2
Altitude characteristics up to 1000 m above sea level
Standards GOST 24607-88, GOST 26567-85, GOST 27.003-90, GOST R 27.403-2009, GOST 427-75, GOST 9.032-74, GOST 9.301-86, GOST 30804.6.2-2013, GOST 30804.6.4-2013, IEC 60146-1-1 Edition 4.0 2009-06, NEMA 250-2008
          Provides protection: •from external and internal short circuits, including ground faults
•from unacceptable overvoltages on circuit elements
•from incomplete phase operation of input and output circuits
•from unacceptable current overload
•from malfunctions of a power supply system and management at the lowered controller temperature
• it is possible to enter external locks that exclude unacceptable operating modes

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