Linear Electric Submersible Pump Triol EP01 line ES

Linear Electric Submersible Pump is an innovational solution for efficient for oil production, especially for wells with flow rate of 0.8-20 m3 / day. The system combines the advantages of linear submersible motor and electric submersible pump, such as compactness, ease of installation and maintenance.

  • intensification of oil production from marginal wells by creating a permanent depression on the reservoir and maintaining optimal dynamic fluid level in the well;
  • operation of the equipment without downtime, in a continuous mode due to the realized capability in control algorithms, to regulate the flow from 0,8m³ to the maximum production rate, when the conditions in the well change;
  • work in inclined and curved wells with a deviation angle from vertical to 40 ° in the suspension zone;
  • increased energy efficiency of oil production in comparison with ESP and SRP by using specially developed algorithms for controlling LESP system;
  • work in wells with a temperature of up to 120C;
  • work with highly viscous fluids up to 3500 cSt;
  • operation with 25% of gas at the reception without an external gas separator due to the built-in gravitational gas separator.

System parameters
Pump type PHP-27-1200-2 PHP -32-1200-2 PHP -38-1200-2 PHP -45-1200-2
Plunger bore, ММ 27 31,8 38,1 44,5
Plunger run, М 1, 2
Operating mode, № 1…4
Rod force, КN 11,9…19,8
Rated current, A 31,3…41
Voltage, V 690…820
Max number of double runs in a minute 15…10
Max head, М H2O 2050…3540 1500…2500 1050…1750 750…1300
Head supply, М3/24h 13…9 20…12 26…17,5 36…24
LESP efficiency, КВТ/М3 19,1…52,7 13,6…41,5 13,3…39,1 9,4…22,4

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