Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01-10

TM01-10 purpose is to measure well parameters and electric motor temperature and then transmit the data to VSD controller. TM01-10 allows replacing the ground or submersible parts without efficiency loss, correctness, and accuracy of measurements of the whole system. TM01-10 is optimized and fully complies with the requirements of ETT6.0. It is possible to connect additional equipment with weight up to 5 tons. Submersible blocks provide operation in conditions of high pressure and temperature. The pressure sensors with a sapphire substrate are reliably protected by a titanium plate. The immunity of the system is 600V 50Hz and 1kV 100Hz.

  • formation fluid temperature and pressure close to the ESM;
  • motor oil temperature near stator windings;
  • RMS value of ESM vibrational acceleration in the X, -, Y- and Z-planes;
  • insulation resistance in the circuit "AC voltage step-up transformer (ACVOT)"- submersible cable - ESM".

      Specification ТМ01-10 ТМ01–05 ТМ01–06
Intake Fluid Pressure        +        +        +
Discharge Fluid Pressure        -        +        -
Intake Pump Pressure        +        +        +
Discharge Pump Pressure        -        +        +
Intake Pump Temperature        +        +        +
Discharge Pump Temperature        -        +        +
Intake Fluid Temperature        +        +        +
Discharge Fluid Temperature        -        +        -
Motor Temperature        +        +        -
Vibration X-Axis        +        +        +
Vibration Y-Axis        +        +        +
Vibration Z-Axis        +        +        +
Current Leakage        +        +        +
Max depth   13 125 ft   11 485 ft   11 485 ft
Stainless Steel (or with corrosion      resistant coating)        +        +        +
Carbon Steel        +        +        +

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