• 2020
    • January 2020

      Input harmonic filter – Advanced solution for VSD 15/01/2020

      We are excited to share our breakthrough solution in the field of power supply systems for the oil industry with a non-linear load.

      Non-linear load, as you know, causes harmonic distortion in three-phase circuits, as a rule, the 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th, etc.

      The harmonic current loads in the power supply system:

      • • distort transformers bus supply;
      • • increase the energy loss in the underwater circuits;
      • • cause the premature aging of the insulation;

      All of these factors lead to a decrease in the reliability of electric equipment. That is why there are several governmental standards that regulate the acceptable levels of harmonic voltage distortions caused by the load current.

      We developed and tested an input harmonic filter solution implemented in Triol VSDs to control PMMs.

      The filter is developed with the possibility of switching to one active bypass when the load drops more than 50% from the rated load.

      The method of higher harmonics compensation at the VSD output is based on the fact that the filter is formed of bypassing the possibility of at least two modes of operation.

      Triol successfully provides the market with highly-technological solutions in order to reduce the negative impact on the power supply network.

      As a result, this particular solution allows you to keep the value of the nonlinear distortion coefficient within 5% with a load drop of more than 50% from the rated load. Even at a 40% load, the 515-kva VSD is capable of keeping the THD level at less than 5%, while TDD shows around 3.33%. When reaching a 70% load, the VSD already offers less than 4% THD.

      For more detailed information, contact us directly.

    • January 2020

      High-temperature Downhole Measuring System TM01-18 10/01/2020

      Triol high-temperature solution

      Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01-18 is a high-temperature, reliable and profitable solution for systems working with hot fluids up to 347°F, where it’s necessary to collect, process, display and transfer actual parameters of the well and submersible equipment, with a pressure in the equipment suspension zone up to 40 MPa (5800psi).

      The solution provides accurate processing and displaying of the following parameters:

      • • pump discharge pressure;
      • • pump discharge temperature;
      • • submersible motor oil temperature or the temperature of the motor stator winding;
      • • ESM vibration acceleration in the X, Y and Z axis;
      • • insulation resistance in the circuit “Step-up transformer – submersible cable – motor”;

      It consists of a surface unit, a downhole unit, and an alternative voltage source in connection through an independent phase with the downhole unit. The implementation of cooling elements in a viscous composition makes it easy to operate in high-temperature conditions and provides the uniformity of heat transfer processes in the system.

      How does it work?

      A method for cooling downhole electronics of the measuring system includes cooling a variety of electronic components by the thermoelectric coolers. Heat is transferred to the body of cooling elements, then transferred to a pipe where the downhole unit is placed. The pipe is cooled with a fluid. The performance of the thermoelectric coolers is selected in accordance with the groups of electronics in the downhole unit. Depending on the embodiments of the system, it is possible to vary the number and the connection scheme of the thermoelectric coolers to achieve the required performance. Thus, on the basis of the system which is characterized by jamming resistance, the implemented method ensures the transmission of electricity to thermoelectric coolers through the additional source. This provides growth of the service life under operating temperature conditions and increases the efficiency of thermoelectric coolers in higher temperatures through ensuring the operation of the measuring system. It increases reliability and ensures uniform technical requirements for energy consumption.

      Triol Corporation – only efficient solutions for your successful production!

    • January 2020

      Triol АТ24 VFD line SD power cell 01/01/2020

      Hello dear Friends!

      Today, we’d like to share Triol the latest development that helps you to optimize your performance. Got interested? Let us spill some more details.

      We’re talking about Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 line SD.

      When you need to place several electrical cabinets in a limited space in order to increase your productivity, this is where specially designed Triol power cells come to help.

      Triol frequency drive power cells cabinet includes:

      • • du / dt inductor;
      • • resistors, capacitors;
      • • inverter unit;
      • • rectifier unit;
      • • current sensors;
      • • cooler;
      • • DC link capacitors;
      • • electronics unit;
      • • power connections;

      Implementation of polypropylene capacitors allows you to maintain the deivce performance throughout the entire period of its operation due to capacitors’ ability of self-healing, thermal and frequency stability, dielectric strength and high hygroscopicity.

      Moreover, power cell increases the drive reliability due to the combination of rails for installing the cell with the duct engaging only one air-exhauster. The air exhauster, in return, provides efficient heat exchange with the air passing without loss.

      There are many other distinctive benefits in SD line, and we’d be happy to share more details with you.

      Follow the news, there’re always more and more Triol solutions on the way!

  • 2019
    • December 2019

      Triol АТ27 VFD Vacuum Switch30/12/2019

      Multilevel frequency drives conquered the industrial market a long time ago. With all the modern trends, Triol sees the need to develop something special and convenient for you to implement to advance your business from the first minutes of commissioning.

      Therefore, Triol multilevel drives AT27 are a reliable and convenient solution that covers a large power range and has extensive motor control functionality for pumps, fans, compressors, smoke exhausters, mills, conveyors, extruders use. In addition, Triol bypass does not interact with the vacuum chamber directly and consume standby power.

      As you may know, the implementation of vacuum chambers in various switching systems is the most common phenomenon that found its wide application in electrical engineering.

      The design of such a product is based on the closed placement of contacts in a vacuum chamber, while one of the two contacts is movable and is driven by an external drive to close the circuit. Consequently, it is easy to obtain a high switching level since the response speed of the vacuum chamber is time-optimal.

      Triol power cell protection is a specially designed monoblock unit with space for installing a switching link with a vacuum interrupter windup, as well as the electric drive power supply storage elements and the switching link unit. Moreover, the control unit is furnished with communication interfaces with the switching link, as well as the drive power cells and control system electronic components.

      To top it off, the monoblock design is made with the possibility of fastening power cells to the housing and contains the contact terminals, as well as a key for switching link windup.

      Learn more about Triol equipment by contacting our specialists.

    • December 2019

      UMKA07 – brand new VSD controller29/12/2019

      There’s no secret that Triol VSDs are the key to your successful artificial lift strategy. We strive to provide you with comfortable and modern technologies developing and advancing our product. We excited to announce launching a brand new VSD controller – UMKA07!

      UMKA07 is an embodiment of comfort, safety and a high-quality controller with a long list of benefits.

      UMKA07 is an ergonomic HMI that helps you to perform a wide range of actions and set the VSD according to your specific requirements.

      Just take a look at the list of beneficial features below:

      • • the controller is UL certified and corresponds to the international standards;
      • • easily operates with both metric and imperial system of measurement;
      • • 16 MB memory with up to 1 million records;
      • • versions available both with and without touch screen;
      • • colorful display;
      • • “User” and “Processman” levels of access make it possible to set the VSD to a flexible operation, efficient oil production and ensure the safety of operational equipment;
      • • 4 menus designed for specific VSD life cycle help quicker commissioning and step-by-step VSD configuration;
      • • versions both with 7’ and 10’ screen size available;
      • • screen density 800

      UMKA07 – safety, versatility, high quality!

      Please, feel free to contact us anytime to find out more about our newest solutions.

    • December 2019

      Combined Efficient Production with Complicating Factor20/12/2019

      Difficulties provoke great ideas, that’s why we love to solve the most challenging task in our own innovative way.

      Linear Electric Submersible Pump Triol EP01 is a perfect alternative to traditional ESP and SRP technologies. Triol LESP EP01 successfully operates in unconventional, inclined, deviated wells, as wells as with complicating factors such as hydrate blockage.

      Formation of hydrate blockage overlapping the cross-section or annulus of the flush pipes is one of the complicating factors affecting well productivity.

      Here, in Triol, we developed a complete solution that increases well efficiency with automatic non-stop well operation.

      The solution builds a strong combination of flowing by heads and mechanical methods of oil production.

      Let’s spill some details step by step and find out about one of the ingredients of EP01 success!

      Firstly, there is a submersible pumping unit at the bottom of the lifting pipe, in addition, there is an offset link between the pumping unit and lifting pipe inlet. The offset link serves as a flow separator containing a valve and dividing channels for passing the fluid from the cavity into the lifting pipe.

      Moreover, we simplified the structural design that led to faster equipment installation, as well as ensuring autonomous non-stop operation.

      There are more and more to be discussed, follow the news and learn more advantageous details about innovative Triol LESP EP01.

    • November 2019

      KOGS 201929/11/2019

      Triol actively works with the Middle East industrial market for years. No surprise we participate in the most influential events in the region. This was our second time at Kuwait Oil and Gas Show and Conference. We absolutely enjoyed the atmosphere where all the market pioneers and experts gathered together.

      This year we presented a brand new controller for Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 – UMKA07 with a touch-screen display. Moreover, our Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01 sparked special interest at the event due to its benefits and high accuracy.

      Now, after participating we bet the goal of expanding our market shares, finding new Partners and present new solutions that lead us to a whole new level at the Middle East.

      Triol Corporation – your reliable manufacturer!

  • 2018
    • December 2018
      Manama Oil Show photo

      Manama Oil Show Highlights: Triol at SPE MEAL 201810/12/2018

      Triol Corporation is a well-known leader in manufacturing equipment for artificial lift serving the needs of oil production companies all over the world. We always strive to participate in the most important events in the field to interface with the Customers directly, as well as to exhibit the latest innovations and technologies.

      On November 28-29, 2018 TriolCorp expert team, including Export Sales Team Leader Vasiliy Kravtsov, Service Team Leader Sergii Kostiuk, and Account Manager Nikolay Surmin, joined Middle East Artificial Lift Conference and Exhibition arranged by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

      The oil show topic was “Intelligent Lift 4.0”, comprising advanced technologies for artificial lift with a bias for intelligent techniques. The expo brought together the most proficient experts and top companies representatives engaged in oil production field. Triol Corporation experts were impressed with the atmosphere prevailing at the event. The SPE MEAL 2018 hosted only a few tens of participants representing the companies that are determined to be the most authoritative players within the oil market. This ensured convenience of visitors, who were able to research thoroughly into offers provided by the exhibitors in a leisurely fashion.

      The expo had a hint of pleasant surprises, among which the most impressive became the visit of Minister of Oil of Kingdom of Bahrain His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, who attended our booth and examined Triol products, such as Linear Electric Submersible Pump (LESP) and Interactive Technology Assistant (ITA).

      “An outstanding interest was drawn to Triol LESP because of its uniqueness and innovational constituent. We became the only Company at the show exhibiting this technology, that constitutes an absolute substitution for ESPs and SRPs. So, LESP became the main attraction of the expo under a limelight”, Sergii Kostiuk shared his impressions.

      Nikolay Surmin drew conclusions: “Basing on the inquiring tendencies of the visitors at the show, I assume that such our products as LESP (efficient for stripper wells with flow rate from 1 bpd to 250 bpd), AK06 VSD (certified with ISO, CE and UL standards), and TM01 DMS (reliable solution for submersible equipment parameter monitoring) have the biggest potential and will become the real hit at markets of Kingdom of Bahrain and Middle East as a whole”.

      Contact our managers to find more about Triol Corporation vision and the products making difference in oilfield, follow us on social media and in newsletter to know all the latest details about Triol solutions.

      Triol Corporation provides advanced solutions for efficient use only!

    • November 2018

      Petroleum Production Intelligence: Triol at SPE Middle East Artificial Lift13/11/2018

      A scope of intelligent lift remains a solicited trend in oil production field. It combines technologies aimed to provide the best benefits from the limited petroleum resources and develops an effective tool suite for the companies engaged in oil production for technological processes optimization and essential increase in profits. The intelligent lift creates ample opportunities for improved equipment control performance and a better data collecting and processing.

      SPE events for intelligent lift development

      One of the most concentrated markets for oil production is Middle East region. This notion encourages a further diversification of modern technologies for oilfield, in particular the intelligent lift. On 28-29 November 2018 the SPE hosts Middle East Artificial Lift Conference and Exhibition in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, that will be dedicated to the topic named as “Intelligent Lift 4.0”. The Society of Petroleum Engineers is a worldwide authoritative association for professionals and experts engaged in oil production field. The organization includes over 164,000 members from 143 countries. The event will gather the experts proficient in the artificial lift scope and oil production field in order to perform interchange of the best practices, advanced developments, and technological achievements.

      Triol team to visit SPE MEAL 2018

      Best experts from Triol Corporation will be participating in the Middle East Artificial Lift Conference and Exhibition 2018 in order to introduce its contribution to the acutest issues in oilfield, containing successful practices and emerging technologies of the Company. Triol Corporation show bench is to be arranged at Booth No. 17, where everyone interested will be able to discover innovative and the most advanced solutions within the intelligent artificial lift scope, among which are:

      • - Triol Linear Electric Submersible Pump (LESP) - innovative solution for oil production in marginal and deviated wells with flow rate from 1 to 250 bpd;

      • - Triol AK06 Variable Speed Drive – customized and reliable solution for offshore and onshore oil production in NEMA 1/3R/4/4X enclosure types designed to perform control and protection of 3 types of submersible motors and certified with ISO, CE and UL standards;

      • - Triol TM01 Downhole Measuring System – advanced equipment for automated collecting, transmitting and monitoring data on submersible equipment operation parameters;

      • - Triol Interactive Technology Assistant (ITA) - versatile technology for automation, on-line monitoring and remote control of equipment operation onsite.

      Contact us to get more information and make an appointment with Triol team members in advance.

      Visit Triol Booth No. 17 at SPE MEAL 2018 and find more about customized solutions for intelligent lift!

    • June 2018

      Triol Corporation celebrates 25 years of experience and success11/06/2018

      Twenty-five years just rushed in a blink of an eye and look at us now: a worldwide, transcontinental manufacturer of electrical equipment with offices all over the world and a bundle of equipment development experience.

      Gaining expertise in electrical equipment design we made the way from simple frequency drives to unique solutions that are implemented in different corners of the world. We broadened our product line and expanded the segments of industry to work with. Now we design universal VSDs, Downhole Measuring Systems, Low and medium voltage VFDs, products that have no analogs on the market like Linear Electric Submersible Pump and ITA technology, Solar inverters, and Voltage compensators.

      Triol is trusted by the most influential industrial companies which can be only a sign of success and high quality. We always follow our main goal: offer things that no one else can offer you! We see new opportunity in any challenge.

      We are IEC, CE, and UL certified manufacturer: our products are safe and reliable.

      We are actively holding webinars where we share all the newest ideas and solutions based on our products, together with participating in key industrial conferences and exhibitions.

      Through these years we proved to be a top-class solution provider that is chosen by the leaders on the global industrial market.

      We are grateful for your trust and support. Hoping Triol 25th birthday is the start of a new era of prosperity and new horizons! The best is yet to come!

    • May 2018

      Scalar vs Vector09/05/2018


      In the world of control system, there are a lot of methods for controlling electric motors. The optimal choice depends on the type of engine (PMM, induction etc.) and tasks that should be performed. Triol Corporation developed a system of sensorless vector control for Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 to work with PMM. Such system allows revealing the full potential of PMM, which is considered to be one of the most promising.

      Also, there are two more methods — scalar and CEF (counter-electromotive force). Scalar and vector refer to the sinusoidal type, CEF is a trapezoidal method with feedback without a sensor. Vector control allows you to regulate not only the voltage but also the magnetic flux of the rotor. Let’s consider in more detail the advantages of using vector control compared to alternatives below.

      The advantages of Vector control compared to CEF:

      • - Provides more accurate maintenance of speed.

      • - Less heating of the transformer and motor.

      • - Higher operating frequencies: 100 Hz versus 200 Hz

      • - The possibility of monitoring the torque on the shaft — more information about the motor operation, protection from exceeding the load. Even in the case when the motor power is much lower than VSD nominal value.

      Advantages of vector control in comparison with scalar:

      • - Significantly wider range of loads on the shaft-motor can work with increased intensity.

      • - Rapid response to load changes: the transient is several times smaller.

      • - Higher energy performance.

      The possibility of using vector control is applicable for PM motors where the rotor can have both explicitly and implicitly expressed poles. The very same VSD is compatible with all type of motors. With such advanced system Triol VSDs become even more versatile.

      Triol Corporation — reliable supplier of effective solutions!

    • April 2018

      Triol UMKA-07 controller: top class efficiency20/04/2018

      Triol Corporation introduced the first UMKA controllers more than 12 years ago. We successfully implemented Triol UMKA03, -04, -05, -27, as well as our latest development – new generation controller UMKA07.

      With the help of Triol universal, highly integrated solution UMKA07 you can efficiently read, process, store and visualize your equipment data.

      What’s special about it? Here we go:

    • March 2018

      Complete automated process of your oil production20/03/2018


      Nowadays, there’s a high tendency of forced reduction in oil production process. The tendency exists due to the tightening of environmental standards, and special requirements for oil products. It surely motivates oil companies to focus on a continuous increase of their own efficiency both of management decisions and oil production directly.

      Automation of technological processes is one of the most effective ways to increase the efficiency of oil production facilities that reduce production risks and optimize labor and equipment productivity. It provides ample opportunities to collect and analyze data for forecasting and correction of operating modes.

      The greatest effect of equipment upgrade is achieved with a comprehensive approach when the elements of the system are produced by one company. In large-scale trials of components, we test our own products.

      Triol focuses on maximizing the efficiency of customers’ business and offers integrated solutions for oil production and automating technological processes. Our product line allows equipping individual solutions with equipment suitable for any special needs: marine or desert production, difficult climatic conditions, outdoor operation.

      Linear Electric Submersible Pump or LESP is an innovative solution for marginal wells. This solution significantly increases the profitability of unconventional oil wells and combines the most efficient oil production technologies.

      The system consists of Downhole Sensor, Linear Submersible Motor, Electric Submersible Pump and Variable Speed Drive.

      Submersible motor controlled by Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 is a reliable intelligent equipment that allows to fully use the generator’s power and ensure minimum wear of oil production facilities. The solution is available in various modifications, depending on the operating conditions and customer needs.

      Downhole Measuring System (DMS) Triol TM01 is designed for collecting and analyzing of oil production parameters such as temperature, pressure, the water formation fluid etc. DMS helps to optimize the operation of equipment, as well as minimize the risks of damage to submersible motors.

      Altogether, LESP system forms one complete solution for marginal and deviated wells and totally automates the oil production process.

      Triol Corporation – on the way to the maximum efficiency!

      No more ESP08/03/2018


      Dear Friends, Customers, and Partners!

      Triol always strives to be close to all the modern technologies and meet the needs of the industrial market. One of our main goals is to produce, offer and implement unique solutions based on our products that no one else can offer you. And we’re coping with such task quite successfully. And through the years of experience, we can surely say that right now we are on the brand new path of equipment production.

      That’s why Triol Corporation officially stopped manufacturing Electric Submersible Pump as a separate product. Why? The answer is LESP.

      Linear Electric Submersible Pump – is a unique system designed by Triol Corporation which is in comparison with ESP allows to expand the fund of the wells with the low-flow-rate. LESP system operates even at minimum rates, where ESP operation is unprofitable. It can also be used in fields with a viscous fluid saturated with mechanical impurities.

      After we started producing LESP system it immediately became top-notch and highly-demanded Triol product. And we don’t see the point of designing ESP anymore. Surely, ESP remains popular on the market as it became one of the traditional methods of oil production. But Triol is going forward every day saying goodbye to obsolescent solutions.
      Triol Corporation – let’s step into the future together!

    • February 2018

      PMM or Induction? Doesn’t matter anymore!20/02/2018


      Today oilfield companies all around the world are searching for efficient solutions. There are several ways, but one of them, probably the most popular, is Variable Speed Drive for PM motor.

      Permanent Magnet Motor in comparison with Induction has smaller dimensions, higher efficiency, lower heat generation and power consumption. PM motor designed on the basis of permanent magnets and controlled by changing the frequency of the electromagnetic field. The difference in power consumption reaches 30%.

      There are several disadvantages: PMM is more expensive than Induction due to employment of permanent magnets and they have more complex control algorithm. But still, these facts are easily covered by essential low energy consumption, which reduces the costs of oil production.

      It is common to believe that Variable Speed Drives are designed each for separate motors. But Triol is always trying to find more complete solutions and we’re not shrinking from difficulties on the way to design something special. And now we are producing universal VSDs capable of controlling all types of submersible motors.As a result, there’s no more need for choosing VSDs with the reference to the motor type.

      Don’t pay twice! Now it’s one VSD for both PMM and Induction motor!
      Triol Corporation – simplify your oil production process!

    • January 2018

      Oman SPE 2018 Workshop results25/01/2018


      Being almost 25 years on the power electronics market, Triol Corporation has huge experience in developing innovative technologies and solutions. Through the years, we’ve made a name in all spheres of industry and we continue to be one of the leading companies on the global market.

      We started our 2018 year participating in such big event as Oman SPE 2018 Workshop.

      Anton Shkolnyi, our leading specialist for MENA region, was really excited to visit Oman for the first time. Being interviewed, Anton compared the beauty of Oman to European Barcelona. Also, he said that for us, as a manufacturer, it’s vital to understand each client needs. Triol always cares about the efficiency of solutions we offer and does its best to save Customers time. That’s why we represented solutions for reducing CAPEX and OPEX based on Triol Multi-motor Medium-voltage ESP Drives technologies at the conference. The theme of Anton’s speech was extremely actual and Anton’s brilliant performance brought a lot of attention and questions from the attendees.

      We are happy to share our ideas and experience; innovations are what we are good at. That’s for sure– said Anton.

      Once again we’ve proved to be one of the most innovative manufacturers, and we’re moving only forward to the new achievements. Wish us good luck!

  • 2017
    • November 2017

      ADIPEC 2017 – The heart of international energy sector16/11/2017

      ADIPEC is growing exponentially each year, becoming the world’s meeting point for oil and gas professionals. No doubt we can call it the heart of international energy sector. Over 100,000 top- notch trade professionals attended ADIPEC this year. Industry leading experts shared their knowledge and experience through the event and conference sessions. And Triol Corporation is proudly standing among them. This time Triol participated in such big event as an exhibitor. Our stand brought a lot of attention due to its design and products presented at the exhibition. Participants and visitors from all over the globe recognized Triol and its products. We held a lot of negotiations over there with our existing Customers and arranged some meetings with our potential Clients. We came back several days ago and we’ve already got requests and new agreements. ADIPEC 2017 for Triol Corporation turned out to be really rewarding and surely we are looking forward to next year exhibition to confirm Triol household name in the industry once again.